Rachel – Day 117

19 Jun

The News: Arizona Getting Money To Build Bridges For Squirrels. The Federal Government is giving Arizona $400,000 to build bridges for endangered squirrels. There are only about 250 red squirrels left and the US Department of Transportation is doing all they can to preserve them. They intend to build bridges that go across busy roads because on average 6 red squirrels are killed on a particular stretch of road each year.


My Comments: Maybe it’s the red squirrel’s time to pass away forever. I don’t think it’s hugely important to keep red squirrels alive at the tune of $400,000 when there are so many other things that money could be used for, especially in this bad economy. And who’s to say those squirrels will use that bridge, what if they choose to cross the road regardless?

I remember when there was an endangered mouse here in Monument right by the I-25 when they were in the middle of constructing an on/off ramp. The city planners had to rework their entire plans and waste more money to build around this huge area of land where this mouse “supposedly” lived. When this was all happening I remember thinking this mouse probably is already dead and their spending all this money and time to work around it……uh..it’s a mouse people. Are we serious?


One Response to “Rachel – Day 117”

  1. Rachel June 26, 2010 at 7:56 am #

    Really a bridge? What are they thinking? Gigi

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