Rachel – Day 130

9 Jul

The News: Exercise and The Brain. It’s been known for sometime now that exercise is the healthiest thing you can do for your body along with eating right. Exercise helps you feel better, look better, perform better, sleep better and yes, think better. Scientist have known for a while that exercise helps the brain function but they haven’t been able to pinpoint exactly why. Well now there is some research to explain it all.

As we get older, our stem cells (in our brain) become less responsive. There’s are proteins in your brain called bone-morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) that become more active as you get older and inactive. If the BMP level in your brain increases, then your stem cells fall into a sort of sleep, your brain becomes slower, less responsive and aged.

However, there is good news because now it is proven that exercise helps decrease the BMP level in the brain. When the tests were run on mice, the mice with running wheels had 50% less BMP than those who did not have the wheel. It was also seen the mice with wheels had increased Noggin,  an appropriately named protein in the brain that counteracts BMP.

The amount of exercise required to reduce BMP levels by 50% has not been determined as of yet, however it has been shown that even very light, short exercise on a regular basis will have significant results in lowering BMP.

My Comments: First of all I have to convey my gratefulness to finally have internet at my new Denver home!!!!! This has made life so much more convenient (and blogging of course).  I decided to blog about this topic because I just returned from the most beautiful hike near Red Rocks with my dog, Kenya and was so thankful for the blessing of a healthy body to be able to enjoy the outdoors as I did today.

Who knows about my BMP levels, but I definitely know I think more clearly and am more motivated when I exercise regularly. So, in this wonderful summer season, go outside take a walk, a run, a hike, a bike ride and enjoy the benefits you will reap when you do 🙂


One Response to “Rachel – Day 130”

  1. Stephen July 9, 2010 at 6:05 pm #

    Yay! you’re back…

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