Stephen: Day 142

9 Jul

I realized that we did way more in Brussels than what one picture can sum up, so here’s a little run down of some of the highlights.

1. Went to a restaurant that we thought would be one-of-a-kind in Brussels (Jocelyn made the statement “As long as it’s not a chain like Applebees”), just to overhear the Belgian couple next to us mention the fact that the restaurant we were at was a tourist trap and they had locations all over Belgium. Strike one.

2. Walked around all day with me saying things like “I think that shop is right down that street over there,” or “I think I remember going down this street last time I was in Brussels,” and “I can’t quite remember the name of the street the restaurant is on, but I think it had Pere or Saint in it.” And then walking around in circles until Jocelyn blurts out, “Just admit you don’t know where this dang place is.”

3. Paying 9 euros for a litre of water. Strike two.

3. Seeing a barbie cake that was 2 feet high.

4. Seeing nougats the size of my face!

5. Buying a shot of patron and then realizing after the fact that they are 12.50 euro each! Strike three.

6. Doing shots of absynthe at an absynthe bar no less.

7. More beers than I can remember

8. Picnic at the edge of a palace that was designed after Versaille (beautiful).

9. Getting dinner-side live music by an old spanish guy with an accordian


11. Green Beer: Eck!

12. A group of drunk old, fat men dressed up as little dutch plush dolls.

13. Hotel room dance-a-thons!!!


One Response to “Stephen: Day 142”

  1. Dad July 20, 2010 at 5:12 pm #

    I loved this entry. It was so funny. Reminded me of the Neil Simon play/movie: “The Out-of-Towners” with Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis.

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