Rachel – Day 133

12 Jul

The News: Bombing Attack in Uganda. Kampala, the capitol of Uganda was bombed yesterday during one of the times the country comes together in unity to celebrate the World Cup.  It’s believed that Uganda was a target because they have peacekeeping troops in Somalia supporting the Peacekeeping Union.  The culprits are believed to be from the Al-Shabaab group who apparently notified Uganda to “watch out” for attacks because of massacres that had occurred early this year.

If Uganda continues to be a target for Somalian terrorists, then the country could be at great risk as it is now one of the best African countries for international investments, economic growth and oil production. Uganda has also been a large export for coffee and fish from Lake Victoria.


My Comments: I think it’s important for Uganda to keep peace because it needs to continue it’s economic growth in order for the future of the country to become successful.  It was perhaps not the best choice of words for the President of Uganda (Museveni) to call the Al-Shabaab “cowards” because now he is expressing a tone that will encourage the Al-Shabaab to continue with the attacks. It’s important for Uganda to stay out of the fighting because they need to remain a promising country for investors due to all the valuable exports Uganda has to offer.


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