Rachel – Day 134

13 Jul

The News: Amish Buggy Robbed By Bandits. This past Sunday a newly married Amish couple were traveling via horse and buggy when 4 men attempted to rob them. They asked for their wallet and purse and any money they had. The Amish couple explained they had nothing on them and that’s when one of the bandits fired a gunshot to the side of the buggy. The couple got away uninjured once they bandits realized they had nothing to offer them.


My Comments: I just had to mention this article because it made me feel like we were reading an old news post from the early 1900’s. Thankfully this couple wasn’t hurt, however I’m sure they are pretty shaken up over the whole incident.

It strikes me a little humorous that these 4 men would think to rob a horse and buggy. Not the most flashy target if you’re looking for money right? It seems if they were going to steal money, they should go for something a little more promising, but I’m not giving advice of course.


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