Rachel – Day 135

14 Jul

The News: Taliban Training Monkeys. According to some reports, the taliban has been attempting to train monkeys to shoot at targets wearing American uniforms.  The reports have not been confirmed but they are suspected.

A monkey specialists said it would be almost impossible to train a monkey to aim correctly and to keep it from shooting other targets as well. Monkeys are able to do very simple tasks like shutting and opening doors, bringing an object from point A to point B and obey some very simple commands. However, left to themselves and with a gun in their hands, monkeys will not be accurate.

Apparently the CIA was the first to attempt training monkeys for warfare and their efforts lead to nowhere.


My Comments: A for effort huh? Talk about animal cruelty, this is like the Michael Vick stuff, so brutal and so sad. If this story is true, I’m glad the monkeys are not coordinated enough to be able to carry out the tasks the taliban is expecting of them. Hopefully they figure this out sooner than later.


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