Rachel – Day 136

16 Jul

The News: A 200-year-old Ship Found At Ground Zero. While doing construction at Ground Zero at the WTC, a huge timber was excavated. Archeologists were brought in and soon found 1/2 of a ship that had been buried underneath the WTC since approximately the 18th century.  Manhattan’s Hudson River used to extend a block back from the WTC, but now because of landfills and land extensions, there is solid ground where the Hudson River used to cover.


My Comments: It’s so crazy how long wood can last without decomposing. For  1/2 a ship to be relatively intact since the 18th century boggles the mind. It’s fun to learn about such findings because it gives another layer of reality to the history that occurred well before any of us were here. Hopefully there will be some fun story that comes from this finding.


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