Rachel – Day 139

23 Jul

The News: Soccer Gaining Popularity In The States At Last. There were as many fans watching the World Cup between the Netherlands and Spain, as there were at last year’s World Series betewen the Yankees vs. the Phillies. The U.S. represented the largest percentage of ticket sales at the World Cup in South Africa over any other country represented in the stands that day.

Soccer has always been huge in Europe, Africa and other foreign countries, but the U.S. has been slow to fall in love with the sport for some reason. Now the love of the sport is on the rise and predications are that soccer will continue to rise in popularity from here on out.


My Comments: This news could perhaps make my husband the happiest American in the nation. Randy has loved soccer for countless years, but over the last year it’s been even more of a passion and a joy for him to watch (and play when possible). I remember while we were in Uganda (where soccer, futbol rather, is the biggest sport in their country), he would watch soccer matches at late night bars or hotels in Jinja. It was an escape from the chaos of Uganda and our lives at the time for him to be able to slip away and put himself in the stands of those soccer matches. There was something about watching it in Africa with a country who lives and breathes soccer that instilled a bloodline right in Randy’s veins which will forever be a part of him.

I kinda like that he has a renewed love for soccer, there’s something charming about it but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

So, America, get ready for futbol because it’s here to stay!!!!


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