Rachel – Day 146

7 Aug

The News: Dog Eats Owner’s Toe and Owner Is Overjoyed? A man named Jerry from Michigan, refused to go in to see a doctor for the infection on his big toe.  Jerry was out with his wife celebrating her citizenship and had enough drinks for Jerry to come home and nap for a long time. While napping, his dog Kikko had eaten Jerry’s infected toe off completely. Jerry had lost all feeling in his toe due to an ulser that had developed related to his type 2 diabetes of which Jerry only knew he had because he went to the hospital. Jerry says he never would have gone to the hospital had not his dog chewed off his toe and thus would never have found out he had diabetes and was in need of some serious care. He claims his dog actually saved his life.


My Comments: Wow, part of me wants to give this dog a metal and the other part of me wants to keep him as far away from people as possible. It’s a little disturbing that the dog ate the bone and all from his owner’s toe, I’m not quite sure what this dog’s intentions were, but thank the Lord Jerry woke up before the dog got any further than his big toe. Weird, disturbing and a kinda neat I think?


One Response to “Rachel – Day 146”

  1. Dad August 11, 2010 at 4:20 pm #

    I hope you never have to write up a commentary like this on me!

    But it could happen.


    No joke.

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