Rachel – Day 147

9 Aug

The News: Wycleaf A Candidate For President. The singer/rapper Wycleaf Jean is running for Presidency in Haiti (as of Thursday) and has big plans to help the country recover from being in a desperate place after the earthquake and from being one of the poorest countries in the world (the poorest in the western hemisphere). Wycleaf’s proposal is to provide quality and free education to the population in order to rise their survival rates and economic growth.

He plans to give free land to people outside of Port-Au-Prince in order to get people to move to other areas of the country and be able to take ownership of their property and their agriculture. He plans to implement the law to all not just to few and he believes this will instill an overall respect for the law that currently does not exist.


My Comments: If you watch the video from this link, you will see that Wycleaf Jean is not your typical politician. I say this because 1. he is a celebrity 2. he’s running for Presidency in a country of which he has had little time residing and 3. he actually directly answers the questions that are being asked to him (you gotta appreciate that).

I don’t know if Wycleaf will make a good President in Haiti, I kind of think he is in over his head and perhaps he’s thinking that because he’s had a good life in America, he can come in and make everything better for Haiti. I don’t think he understands the full responsibility and all that would need to happen in order for Haiti to recover from their poverty and natural disasters. If he wins, I wish him the best and all the wisdom he can get.


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