Rachel – Day 149

19 Aug

The News: 20-somethings Don’t Reach Adulthood. Less than 1/2 the women in the United States and less than 1/3 of men have reached the significant milestones that society sets for adulthood by the time they reach 30. These milestones include: moving out of mom and dad’s house, going to college, getting financially stable, getting married and having a child. In the 60’s 77% of women had reached these milestones by age 30 and 65% of men had done the same.

Researchers are now begging the question: ” Will 20-somethings ever grow up?” There are higher percentages of “kids” in their 20’s moving back home, staying single (not married that is), changing jobs (on average 7 jobs in the decade of their 20’s), traveling and moving in and out of homes on the average of once a year. What effects will this have on future generations? Sociologists are already beginning to question their long-standing knowledge regarding progression from childhood to adulthood. They believe these stages are now prolonged and thus putting the entire lifespan on a different timeframe.


My Comments: Well, consider me part of the statistic. I have lived at home twice since college, moved on the average of every year, had 4 jobs in the last five years and probably definitely 7 while in my 20’s (once they’re over). Geeze, us 20-somethings are taking forever to grow up I suppose. Well, I have 2 more years of my 20’s and then I’ll grow up 🙂

On a more sober note, I do think this fact of 20-somethings taking longer to reach adulthood could adversely affect S.S. because we don’t carry jobs that bring in good bacon, so the portions going to S.S. are inevitably less (in a system where there is nothing to begin with). Ugh…..I’m screwed when I’m 65, along with the rest of the generations to follow.


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