Rachel – Day 151

22 Aug

The News: What You Tell Your Kids Really Sticks. A 3-year-old little girl named Alesaundra walked 2 blocks to a fire station after she saw her dad collapse in their home. She alerted the fireman and walked them back to her house to provide aid to her dad.

Alesaundra’s dad had taken the wrong medication which lead to his collapse and unresponsive state. Without the help of the firemen, of which his daughter alerted, he likely would not be alive today.

Alesaundra knew exactly where to go for help because whenever they pass the fire station, her parents point it out as a safety place. They told her the fire station is where you go if you need help and the fireman are safe people, they will help you.


My Comments: Doesn’t this prove that kids really do listen to their parents, even at the age of 3? How fantastic is that? If you ever doubt that your kid is not going to listen to your advice, say it anyways because it’s likely it will stick.  I think it’s a smart idea to tell your kids where safe places are and where you can find help. It’s a good idea to have them memorize 911 as well in case of emergencies. Kids are smarter and more proactive than we often give them credit for. Imagine if these parents never talked to Alesaundra about where to get help, perhaps she wouldn’t have a father today.


One Response to “Rachel – Day 151”

  1. Dad September 25, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

    Great story and comment, Ra.

    Thanks for breakfast this morning. I enjoyed the walk, the talk, and the good food.

    It was so thoughtful of you, sweetheart.



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