Rachel – Day 162

29 Sep

The News: The Uneducated Religious. Researches phoned over 3,400 Americans and asked them 32 questions about the Bible, other religions, religious figures, religious history…etc. Roughly all who took the survey only knew 50% of the questions asked. Atheists and agnostics scored the very highest, then Jews and Mormons.


My Comments: Hmmm…..why is it that the Church is so far behind in most things (e.g. green initiatives….taking care of the earth as God asked us to in the Bible; knowledge of religion……we should be a leading credible source for religious knowledge).

Shouldn’t we know what we believe because we also know what others believe. Do you have your beliefs because you were brought up to believe those things or because you have really found out for yourself that you believe what you believe upon your own convictions, knowledge, intuition…etc.

Click on the link below to take the short version of the quiz, it’s only 15 questions. See if you can get over 50% correct.



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