Rachel – Day 164

3 Oct

The News: Looking for World Altering Documentaries? click on the link below to view a list of the 12 most influential, life-changing documentaries that have literally altered the way people think and live in lasting ways.


My Comments: I guess I have to start liking documentaries more because I haven’t seen any of these. However, I did just recently watch an intriguing documentary that’s not on the list called “No Impact Man.” Its about a guy who somehow convinced his wife to go along with his year long plan of having literally no impact on the earth in a detrimental way. So this couple with their 2-year-old daughter live for one year buying only local food; only reused/second-hand products (they bought nothing new unless it was food); having no trash; using no fuels (walk and bike everywhere); no electricity (no refrigerator, no blow dryer, no washing machine…..nada). The guy did his research and pretty much accomplished living without any harmful impact on the earth for a year. Pretty crazy and a little inspiring.


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