Rachel – Day 165

4 Oct

The News: Dream Manipulation. Since the hit movie “Inception” hit theaters, people have become more interested in dreaming. Research shows one can manipulate their dreams by doing a number of things. You can concentrate on what you want to dream about as you go to bed at night. Chances are you will dream about the last thing you were consciously thinking about. You can introduce an outside factor like having someone whisper to you as you are sleeping or having them make a noise or flash a light. All of these things can redirect your dreams.

You can go to bed telling yourself you want to find the solution to this problem in your life and sometimes this will work. Scientists have dreamt lucid formulas and solutions to problems while they are sleeping.

Also, if you think on dreaming during the day and make mental notes that you are not dreaming, then your dream recall can be higher. The more you are interested in your dreams, the higher probability that you will remember them.


My Comments: Dreams have always fascinated me. I dream quite a bit and I remember at least one a night sometimes more. Often times I can’t recall all the details of my dreams but occasionally I will be able to remember every little detail and emotion I had while in that particular dream.

My whole family dreams and I believe they are significant dreams. I think God chooses to speak to us while we are sleeping if we let Him. My mom dreamt a solution to one of my life’s dilemma’s several weeks ago, isn’t that crazy? I think dreaming is our brain’s (perhaps our spirit’s too) way of working out the overload of our lives because we can’t do it all when we are awake. I think dreaming helps us unwind our stress so that we feel truly rested and refreshed for the next day ahead of us.

I think dreaming is spiritual, beautiful, creative, weird, and sometimes very scary. Try to remember your dreams tonight, I wonder what’s in your head?


One Response to “Rachel – Day 165”

  1. Dad October 4, 2010 at 11:09 pm #

    Charlie Rose has done a series on the brain, bringing in some of the foremost experts in the world. Once again, I was snubbed and not invited.

    Anyway, you might want to check it out sometime. You can see all of the shows in the series.

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