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Rachel – Day 167

29 Nov

The News: A New Exciting Non-profit! Families in third world countries die every year from exposure to smoke due to cooking in the home. This new non-profit called “The AdVenture Project” has provided cheap, efficient stoves that burn on coal and are safe to use in the home. This will save lives and prevent health complications for countless people.

Check it out and get as involved as you will let yourself 🙂


Gretchen’s Life Day – 176

10 Nov

We carved pumkins the night before Halloween. What fun! We even toasted the pumpkin seeds just like my mom & dad used to do with us kids.

Gretchen’s Life Day – 175

10 Nov

Here are some Halloween pics. Samantha was a glow in the dark stick figure. Caleb was a zombie. Logan was SWAT guy that had been in a blast and Ej was a good witch.

Gretchen’s Life Day – 174

10 Nov

Today, Ellaray saw Caleb and Logan sitting down watching t.v. She came up behind them and stuck her head in-between them with an arm draped over each of their shoulders. Then she says, “Best friends forever”. I love that girl!

Kelly day 107

25 Oct

Second phase. I am liking the color scheme. Feels moody and somber to me.

Gretchen’s Life Day – 173

24 Oct

My 8 year old son, Logan just sat me down at the computer. He showed me his Power Point presentation on the Dallas Cowboys. He’s 8! How does he know how to do a Power Point presentation? I was 28 before I learned how to do that. I’m thinking he has his Uncle Stephen’s talent for computers. Certainly not mine as I chicken peck my way through this blog. 🙂

Kelly day 106

23 Oct

This is a piece I’m working on for a client

Gretchen’s Life Day – 172

22 Oct

Ellaray has never seen anyone eat a Oreo cookie. So, being the fabulous mom that I am I sat her down with a whole box. She proceeded to take apart everyone and lick the creamy center out. How did she know to do that?

Kelly day 105

18 Oct

Kelly day 104

18 Oct