Stephen: Day 184-191

12 Dec

Here are some pictures from my trip to Ghana this week:

Kakum National Forest canopy walk: This canopy walk is nestled within 350 square kilometers of designated national forest near the coast of Ghana. I had one day to travel around in Ghana and see some of the sights. I rented a driver for the day and he took me around to some beautiful spots. Hiking through the forest was definitely one of the highlights.

Cape Coast Slave Castle: Construction on the castle started in 1653 (not the oldest slave castle in Ghana, but the largest) by the Swedes. It was later seized by other nations and ended up with the British for over two hundred years. This castle housed over 1000 slaves at a time that were crammed into dark, humid rooms for months at a time before being sent off to the Americas. The most interesting fact was that one of the first churches in Africa was built directly above the male slave chambers. European traders would come to worship above as hundreds of men were dying below- a dark picture of heaven and hell.

The building with the red clay roof is the church. The big door below on the first floor leads down the the male slave chambers:

The castle is beautiful and located right on the coast.

One of the local fishing boats after a day out on the ocean. They have sails like old colonial ships made of fabric, some a patchwork of different colors.

A view of the coast:

A local fisherman repairing one of his nets:

One last shot of the rainforest. I love the trees out in the distance.


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