Rachel – Day 94

17 May

The News: Mom Loses Limbs In Childbirth. Al Hayes had to make a very difficult decision for his wife while she was under anesthesia after giving birth to their baby. His wife Katie developed a bacterial infection during childbirth that was going to end up killing her had her husband not made the very painful decision to have her arms and legs amputated. When she woke up from being unconscious, she was very confused. After her husband told her the story of what happened, she was very grateful for his decision because it saved her life. Al will now have to do the majority of the work in raising their 3 children and taking care of his wife.


My Comments: Oh gosh, poor Katie.  I just don’t understand how this type of bacterial infection was not caught sooner. The video on CNN indicated it was a strep-A bacterial infection, I guess this strand spreads faster or perhaps it’s not tested for in regular doctor’s visits.  However, I commend the husband for his courage in making such a difficult decision for his wife and family that ended up saving his wife’s life.  He is also very courageous in taking on the responsibility of being the caregiver for their 3 children and now his wife.  This is hard stuff.


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